somewhere,,, under the sky,over the meadaw,by the trees,beside the river,,,there is place for me,where i can catch my firefly,touch the wind smell it`s fragrance and hear the birds singing remind me by my flute when it was my language , i can handle a twig which will remind me by my pencil when it was my language, i can sit silent which is my usuall langauge,or find some people care can read my eyes which is the language i prefer,,,the time is not important if it is day there is sun if it is night there is moon and stars to stare,,,the season again is not important if it is summer there is sea if it is winter there is rainbow with flair,,, a place in midway between desert and coast where if i am alone my thoughts with me if i am not my people with me no tears no fears,not lonly with share,,,my thoughts and thier thoughts just looklike mosaic pieces far till you think they will not till you think they will not disconnect they form one picture in harmony and fair,,,somewhere if not here there,,, there is place for me.
by...flute,pencil,silence of lavender for every dear